Face Recognition Search


by Polar Rose

Face Recognition Search

Polar RosePolar Rose is not only limited to its face recognition technology confined within just a Firefox plugin. The company has recently told the media about its plan to make its service more publicly available.

If you’re not familiar with Polar Rose, here’s the 411:

Polar Rose’s technology scans the image itself and converts the data from two-dimensional (2D) images into 3D models. These skeletal models can be rendered into so-called “faceprints”, which are then stored and indexed…The firm says its technology can pick out faces in the swelling crowd of images on the Internet, thereby making digital photos indexable just like text documents.

Now the race is on between Polar Rose and Google–who acquired similar technology when it bought Neven Vision back in August of 2006–to see who can keep up with Joan Rivers plastic surgery.

Face Recognition Search

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