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Facebook IM launching soon

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Facebook IM
Facebook is going to launch a Instant Messenger pretty soon. It seems like IM is getting set to find a home in the ever expanding, bulging at the seams social network.

Just when everyone thought that all that fuss about Facebook’s valuation, their developer grants, and the possible Microsoft investment was enough to raise the roof on their worth, we now hear rumors that the site is launching an IM client.

A brand new Facebook Instant Messenger is set to go into Beta production this Friday and will take on the likes of MSN, AIM, Google Talk, and Yahoo. I would imagine that this could not be used as a standalone application, and would work inline with Facebook profiles. Sam Sethi has received an early look at the beta, and enjoys the fact that there is no download or install necessary.

With Yahoo! and MSN being somewhat locked down in their protocols, we are sure that things will change as the Facebook IM becomes the new in “instant messaging application”. But for now, it looks like only chatting between Facebook friends is possible.

UPDATE: The Facebook IM application FriendVox, is rumored to be in development by a third party called Techlightenment, who specialize in Facebook application development.

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