Google Analytics Upgrade


Google Analytics Upgrade

google analytics graphicsTuesday at EMetrics Brett Crosby and Jeff Veen announced Version 2 of Google Analytics (GA). There is a post both on the Official Google Blog and on the Google Analytics Blog.

The list below has some of the main improvements in Version 2 of Google analytics as reported by Google and the Web analytics experts.

Main Improvements of Version 2 GA:

  1. Scheduled email of reports or dashboards
  2. Customizable dashboard
  3. Site overlay enhancements
  4. Improved visitor segmentation
  5. Geo-targeting enhancements
  6. PDF extracts
  7. Trend and over-time graphics
  8. Contextual help tips

What Web Analytics Experts Are Saying:

New Training Material for New Version of GAAndrew Miles from GA Experts feels like users of the new V2 product will “soon realise how effective the enhancements will be to both users and businesses.” He posts on some of the features they found useful during their two months of beta testing the product on their Websites.

Google Analytics Is Re-Launched: Do These Five Things First In V2Avinash Kaushik an analytics evangelist for Google says V2 is “radically different and provides such a compelling value proposition to users of web analytics”. His blog post discusses new data interaction model, the enhanced data discoverability, features that help you get relevant context, improved segmentation, and number of other “upgraded goodies”.

New: New Google Analytics VisualizationsClinton Ivy is a WAA board member and a consultant at WebSideStory just unifed with Visual Sciences. His post offers comments and recommendations on the new visualizations in V2.

New: Google Analytics V2 – Jeffrey Veen PodcastCraig Danuloff founder of Commerce360 has podcasted (12:18) his post-V2 intervew with Jeffrey Veen. The interview covers design and usability goals, presentation of related data in report screens, new segmentation abilities, report distribution features and new date selection and data-range features.

All the news that is fit to BlogGary Angel the President of Semphonic take a poke at GA in his post on what is big news out of eMetrics. His low opinion of GA before the update is “I really wouldn’t have recommended GA to any company that actually wanted web analytics.” Perhaps after he gets “a chance to work with it a bit I’ll have a better opinion,” and hopefully he will blog that.

New: E-metrics San Francisco 2007: Busy, busy, busyIan Thomas marketing director at Web Abacus makes a short comment what most impressed him was “that Google had the discipline to fix what was broken about GA – its interface…”

New Version of Google Analytics!Jeff Gills from the Google Analytics Team comments on V2 that “the new version presents data more clearly and in context, so you can look at a single report to gain insights rather than having to pull up several reports to understand what action to take.” In his post at the Official Google Analytics blog there are links to the product tour, report finder tool, a FAQ and the new version of the features tour page.

Who’s laughing at Google Analytics now?Julien Coquet from OX2 claims that with the new V2 of Google analytics “the bar been kicked several steps higher…” He has put up two posts on V2 and has promising to post more details soon.

Welcome to the New Google AnalyticsJustin Cutroni a GA authorized consultant at EpikOne notes that V2 is so “radically different than the old reporting interface” that “You may even be lost the first time you log in”. Justin has put up six shorter posts that deal with the new reporting interface, the new data range selector, custom dashboards, email reports, sticky URLs and PDF report export.

New Google Analytics Plus Insight from Brett CrosbyManoj Jasra director of technology at Enquiro Search Solutions has posted his post-V2 interview with Brett Crosby the senior manger of Google analytics (audio 7:44).

Google Analytics: Extreme Makeover EditionMichael Harrison a GA support tech over at ROI Revolution assures us that “this redesign is a very good thing. We’ve been using the new interface for over two months now, and it’s made day-to-day analysis a breeze.” Michael also also posted View Entire Referring URL in Google Analytics on V2.

Update to Google AnalyticsPat McCarthy director of business development at Right Media notes in his blog post that he had been “wondering for a while what the status of MeasureMap was with Google, and if Veen and team were working on it or Google Analytics.” He feels that the MeasureMap team had a hand in the redesign.

New Google Analytics Interface and New t-shirtsRobbin Steif from LunaMetrics feels that the ability to “now segment by landing page” is “much more important to me than any other enhancement.” Her comment “GA is still free, with the new interface” got me wondering if Google would ever start charging for this product.

What Others Experts Are Saying:

New: 27 Features That Make Google Analytics Best of BreedAdam Ostrow from Mashable has a post for Web analytics newbies on 27 different features that V2 GA offers.

New: First Look – Google Analytics Launches New Interface and ReportingAndy Beal from Marketing Pilgrim discusses the new interface and the new features.

Google Analytics Upgrade

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2 Responses to “Google Analytics Upgrade”

  1. Robbin Steif Says:

    Sorry, I did not mean to mislead, GA is free and you shouldn’t think that it won’t be. I was really trying to say, there’s a new, better interface, and it’s STILL free.

  2. Admin - SEO Company Says:

    Hi Robbin, I don’t think you mislead me or any one else. Your post was clear about it being a better interface and we all know it is STILL free. You just got me thinking when you said “GA is still free”. Perhaps at some point Google will to a major update and the new version will cost and the old version would STILL be free.