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Know when you are Penalized By Google

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Google Webmaster Central is going to star emailing the respective webmasters who have been penalized by Google, this is a practice that Google began in 2005 then ended just a few months ago.

In July Google started notifying their verified site owners of their penalties via a Message Center in Google Webmaster Central. However this system still do not allow Google to contact publishers who do not use Google Webmaster Tools as yet.

Ben D’Angelo writes on the Google Webmaster Central Blog :

While Message Center is great for verified site owners, it doesn’t allow us to notify webmasters who aren’t registered in Google’s Webmaster Tools. For this reason, we plan to resume sending emails in addition to the Message Center notifications. Please note that, as before, our emails will not include attachments. Currently, the Message Center won’t keep messages waiting if you haven’t previously registered, but we hope to add that feature in the next few months. We’ll keep you posted as things change.

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