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Interactive Ad Platform

Meebo Ad Platform

Meebo which is a popular web-based chat service has recently announced that it is going to extend its successful advertising platform to include the growing number of partners that are deploying its Community IM product.

Last year Meebo launched a very cool interactive social ads on its main chat portal at, presenting users with small icons at the bottom of their chat windows that would display a popup when clicked. The cool thing about these social ads are, users can also share ads they especially like with their contacts, thus a good ad is likely to go viral in this innovative social ad network. A number of major corporations have run campaigns using the unique advertising platform, and so far Meebo is posting impressive results: the company says that it has seen an average 1% CTR with 10% of chat users sharing ads with their online buddies.

Now Meebo is ready to extend its successful ad platform to its partners that are using Community IM, Meebo’s chat product that allows web publishers to implement persistent browser-based chat clients on their websites. Ads will be displayed in the chat bar at the bottom of the browser (see the screenshot above) and will expand when the user actually clicks on the small icon shown. Community IM sites participate in a rev share agreement with Meebo, and will be able to use ads from Meebo’s inventory or from their own.

One of the concerns often brought up about Meebo is that how they plan on generating residual revenue. The initial results of the new ad platform on have been encouraging, and if partner sites continue to see similarly impressive results, Community IM could well turn into a very lucrative product for the company.

Interactive Ad Platform

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