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Automatic Gmail Message Translation

I am pretty sure this this will become your favorite Gmail feature that has been rolled out via Gmail Labs: automated message translation.

How to Enable Gmail Message Translation

If you wish to enable this cool new feature just head over to your Gmail Labs settings, and the next time you see a mail written in a language that you cant read, you can hit a simple link which reads e.g. “Translate message to: English” above your email message, and the message will magically appear in English. If you wish to change your default language for this tool, go to the general settings tab, and you’ll find a selection box labeled “Default translation language”.

I am thinking whether Google plans to roll this feature out for everyone after the initial public testing and feedback-gathering. Some of the Gmail labs products seem to be too useful to leave out in the Labs section.

These days, translations of texts we don’t understand are often triggered with a click. For instance, when I need to translate something, I usually head over to Google Translate or press the translate button in my Google Toolbar.

However in future as we see more use of translations, it may be logical for Google to auto-translate a text when its not in my default language and at the same time they can probably show a disclaimer footnote that “this message was auto-translated for you” with a link to the original.

And if this sort of features are built into the browser itself and not built per-app then it would be just great. For instance Google’s Chrome browser might one day automatically translate every web page you visit, as you visit it. But of course there are few downsides, mistranslation being one of them.

Any thoughts?

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