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Search WikiaJimmy Wales the creator of Wikipedia has recently launched the alpha release of his search engine called Wikia Search. There have been several reviews posted on the Internet, so i thought why not i chip in with my own thoughts. Ok before I give you might thought, allow me to share with you what some of the other experts reviewers & bloggers have said about Wikia Search. The first review i read was from Techmeme, and according to them ‘Wikia Search is complete letdown’. Then I read Tony Ruscoe’s post in GoogleBlogoscoped, and guess what? …Tony wasn’t very please either!

Now here goes my thoughts:

Initially I thought Wikia Search is going to feed their result page with all ‘wiki results’ or at least they will only give high preference to the Wiki results. Anyway so I began searching and figured i was wrong, there was ‘fair amount of’ other results. But were they ‘relevant’? Were they what i was actually ‘looking for’?

Well, the answer is NO. I didn’t even go close to what I was looking for. For instance, I searched for “Las Vegas Series“, and the first few results was full of links of Las Vegas- City, Hotels, Resorts etc! But I was just looking for this! And guess where this appeared…..In number 8! I also ran into some HTTP Status 500 errors when trying to view cached pages, so it’s not just the quality of the search results that’s low, I believe there are some technical glitch too!

Of course you might argue that, its too early to tell as it has been there only for a day. Well i certainly agree! However I believe due to the massive popularity of search engine giants like Google & Yahoo and the quality of the results which they produce; Its simply impossible for any company to come up with a search engine and get loyal users without coming up with a ‘top class’ product at this point of time. Because there is simply too much competition out there, and people are better off searching in
Google & Yahoo rather than trying out a new search engine like Wikia Search, and be disappointed with the quality of their result.

And they themselves admit it:

“We are aware that the quality of the search results is low.”

– The Wikia Search About Us page.

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